Direct Digital Radiography

 Direct Digital Radiography offers a better experience for patient and Radiographer

1. Direct Digital Radiography offers a better experience as soon as the patient walks through your door.
No toxic aroma.
Eliminate the toxic odor and you create a more pleasant environment from the start.

2. Direct Digital Radiography treats your patients’ time with more respect.
Regular film systems make the patient wait.
And what if you need to retake it?
First, you have to wait to discover if you need to re-shoot, then you have the extra time of actually retaking the new set of X-rays.
With digital X-rays, you discover if the image is workable immediately.
And if you need to retake an image, you can do so instantly as well.
Patients appreciate it when you value their time.

3. Direct Digital Radiography gives an enhanced, modern appearance to your practice.
It is time for the chiropractic niche to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other healthcare professionals.
That requires you to present a practice that is leading-edge and modern.
Do you think having an old, film-based X-ray machine in your practice creates that image?
When you offer DXR with flat- screen monitors, it creates an image of a more cutting-edge practice.



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